Tushita Mahayana Meditation Centre has Adopted FPMT policies.
The Centre management follows Ethical and Protection from Abuse Policies.

For any complaints, please contact
1. Mr. Ranjit S. Walia
Mob: 98101-30264

2. Mrs. Frances Shenker
Mob: 98100-32589

3. Dr. Renuka Singh
Mob: 98106-13352

FPMT Adopted Policies
Ethics & Protection from abuse policy

FPMT in India is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment where the dignity of every individual is respected. FPMT in India recognises that teachers and Sangha, staff, volunteers, members and associates of its centres, projects and services has the right to participate free from sexual and or racial intimidation, harassment and discrimination. FPMT in India believes that discrimination and harassment are unacceptable. Therefore FPMT in India takes responsibility for establishing procedures to actively encounter discrimination and harassment.

FPMT's Ethics and Protection from abuse policy

Shugden policy

Respecting the wishes of HH the Dalai Lama, those in service or teaching in FPMT centers and projects do not engage in the practice of Shugden/Dolgyal. Students regularly attending FPMT centers should not practice Shugden. FPMT teachers and key staff should not attend teachings by teachers who are known Shugden practitioners.

Click here to read FPMT's Shugden policy

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